To International Students who want to join our Lab.

Dear Students,

Thank you very much for your interest in my lab.

Due to lots of applications to be master course students and doctor course students, the following 5 conditions (or requests) are given to you. 

(1) Japanese language skill : I do give lectures in English, but I believe that Japanese language is undoubtfully essential. Language is culture. We have strong connection with some industries, and make discussion in native Japanese speed . If you can not follow them, you will have to cope with serious disadvantages. Fluent Japanese is also necessary to manage jobs in the lab team. As with the same reason, I do not accept any students by IME system.

(2) Financial support: MEXT or your governmental support is required. Privately supported students would face serious problem in financial aspect. You waste most of your research time  doing part-time job, which leads to serious issue of not finishing  the course in a normal period. It is also a time consuming task for me to write many recommendation letters for foundations.

(3) Research subject: Please state clearly what you want to do in my lab. Why did you choose my lab? Just saying that  "I am interested in Electric Vehicle." is not enough. "Control engineering" or "Robotics" are too wide. You must have read some of my past papers, and have some positive impression or your own opinion on them. Please state them as clearly as possible.

(4) Research Plan: When is the specific time that you want to apply the MEXT scholarship and take the entrance exam? Which graduate school do you want to join;  Advanced Energy or Electrical Engineering? What is your future plan or dream? Please include your plan in the email. 

(5) Documents: Please attach your CV and documents which can prove your capability  such as publication lists, Japanese language certificate, and transcript (academic score of undergraduate school).  

When you send me an email, please include the word "5 conditions cleared" in the subject.

I will reply if you cleared  all the conditions. 

I do not accept any "research students".  Your understanding will be appreciated.

Please contact us even if you can’t clear the 5 conditions before submitting your application.

When you send me the email, please include the word "5 conditions not cleared" in the subject.

Best wishes,

Hiroshi Fujimoto